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/ 23 September 2013

What’s theology got to do with children’s welfare?

A report on the Children’s Society lecture on how theology has an effect on how we should not take the theology out of our work with children’s welfare.

/ 8 September 2013

Intergenerational Celebration at Rossmore Road

Intergenerational work seeks to find out and address perceptions of young and older people and use the input of the participants to shape the project. It can help to enhance the quality of life of those involved and strengthen communities.

/ 26 July 2013

Capital Vision 2020: what happened next

It’s been 50 days since Capital Vision was launched at St Paul’s. Here are some examples of what has happened since.

/ 24 July 2013

Doubling the number of our young people

Doubling the number of young people involved in our local Christian communities could sound ridiculous. But then you get thinking. And then you start to wonder if we could do actually this…

/ 23 July 2013

XLP celebrates graduation of its class of 2013

The graduates, who come from a range of backgrounds and from all over the UK, have spent the year taking part in a combination of youth work and theology training.

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