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/ 22 February 2019


As I write this, I realise that I’ve never actually thought of myself as an Ambassador of Christ until recently. I was brought … Read more

/ 20 February 2019


As a student, finding the courage to share my faith with my friends and classmates has taken a long time. Throughout my first … Read more

/ 23 January 2019


My first experience of the work of Street Pastors was a few years ago when Frank invited me to go on a patrol … Read more

/ 18 December 2018


I love the fact that my work involves talking to people day to day about Jesus and all that He has done for … Read more

/ 24 October 2018


Bettina grew up in Northumberland, worked variously as an interior designer and paper shuffler and lives in West London with husband, Pip, their … Read more

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