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London Ambassadors Playlist
/ 5 June 2019

Ambassadors Christian Music Playlist

The Ambassadors lead, Lawrence Olsworth-Peter has complied a playlist of inspirational music for anyone on their daily pilgrimage journey.

Retired midwife Jasmine meets the Bishop of London
/ 21 May 2019

Living as an Ambassador for Christ – Jasmin’s Story

An Ambassadors film about Jasmin, a retired midwife from Edmonton who met Bishop Sarah, and together they speak about their faith in the workplace.

/ 8 May 2019

Help, my church is afraid of mission!

We all know what fear feels like. It’s a common experience to us all. When confronted with a stressful or pressured situation there … Read more

/ 23 April 2019

How can I get my church excited about mission?

I wear black and my flock call me ‘Father’ so what on earth am I doing writing to you on the subject of … Read more

/ 9 April 2019

What is Ambassadors?

I sat in the meeting of attentive clergy as the Area Dean read out the description of Ambassadors. There were several remarks from … Read more

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