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Stories and posts relating to the Ambassadors 2020 programme, to introduce ‘whole life discipleship’ into the culture of the church.

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Retired midwife Jasmine meets the Bishop of London

Living as an Ambassador for Christ – Jasmin’s Story

An Ambassadors film about Jasmin, a retired midwife from Edmonton who met Bishop Sarah, and together they speak about their faith in the workplace.

Help, my church is afraid of mission!

We all know what fear feels like. It’s a common experience to us all. When confronted with a stressful or pressured situation there … Read more

/ 23 April 2019

How can I get my church excited about mission?

I wear black and my flock call me ‘Father’ so what on earth am I doing writing to you on the subject of … Read more

/ 9 April 2019

What is Ambassadors?

I sat in the meeting of attentive clergy as the Area Dean read out the description of Ambassadors. There were several remarks from … Read more

/ 22 February 2019


As I write this, I realise that I’ve never actually thought of myself as an Ambassador of Christ until recently. I was brought … Read more

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