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/ 22 June 2015

Buildings on Sure Foundations: stories of opened churches

St Luke's Oseney Crescent

We have just published a collection of experiences from across the Diocese.

This publication, Buildings on Sure Foundations, tells stories of how buildings that lay locked and empty have been reopened through a commitment of time, money and energy from those who longed to see them filled by new worshipping communities.

It also records simple things: an open door, a new way of using a space, a new welcome to the community.

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘let us go to the house of the Lord!'”
Psalm 122:1

We hope to recount all these in more detail through Capital Vision 2020: the tale of one hundred new and renewed worshipping communities, and church buildings opened up to the communities around them; stories of possibilities in new and old places.

London’s churches are as varied and colourful as London’s communities. They are places where different strands come together, both temporal and eternal: places of quiet and prayer in a busy city; places of history and beauty; places of celebration and mourning; places of splendid ceremony and ministering to the poor.

Churches are also places where international visitors of all faiths and none can connect with God.

They are buildings on sure foundations, built with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone.

Throughout history, the Church has been at the heart of community. Church buildings have sprung up in developing areas to serve the growing population and reach people where they live. As London changes, develops and grows; this need for a church at the heart of community remains. A locked door is almost universally a symbol of exclusion. An open door invites people to come in but also beckons those inside to go out and serve their communities.

Opening up church buildings presents an enormous opportunity for sharing the gospel with locals and tourists alike. Through being an open presence, our churches will bear welcoming witness to the Christian faith to all who enter them.

As you read about these church buildings, the real story is about those who pass through the doors on their way in or out, and the difference this makes to their lives and to the communities in which they live.

You can download the publication below here, or order a printed copy from capitalvision2020@nulllondon.anglican.org.

+Pete Broadbent
Bishop of Willesden
Capital Vision 2020 Sponsor of 100 Worshipping Communities

Luke Miller
Archdeacon of Hampstead
Capital Vision 2020 Sponsor of Open Buildings


Buildings on Sure Foundations  Download  

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