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/ 24 April 2020

Being Good News to those struggling with money

For many people, the Coronavirus crisis and subsequent lockdown have plunged them into “financial shock”, leaving them worried about money and struggling to pay bills.

To help churches seeking to respond to this, Capital Mass has produced a short video resource which will hopefully help you know where to start.

Bishop Joanne Grenfell, the bishop of Stepney, chats with Alison Tsang, Capital Mass’ financial capability expert.

In this 25 minute conversation, they cover topics such as:

  • what government help is available
  • where to go if you are struggling to pay bills
  • how to get support applying for Universal Credit
  • putting together an emergency budget
  • tackling the very real issue of worry and stress that many people have at this time around their finances.

This video is available for anyone to use and share, and there is an additional PDF resource document, downloadable here. The PDF guide contains more detailed information and links to places you can signpost people for more help.

If you are interested in finding out more, want to ask questions or go into more detail, we’re running 2 hour interactive webinars in April and May. Details and booking are on Eventbrite here.

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