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/ 18 December 2018


I love the fact that my work involves talking to people day to day about Jesus and all that He has done for me to enable me to joyfully serve him in all I do. I pray daily that I would be Christ’s hands and feet both in my workplace and amongst family, friends and the people I meet in my community.

I would love for people to see that my belief in God and my faith in Him is a reality and that being a follower of Jesus is not about obeying rules and regulations but about letting God’s Spirit transform us into the person He wants us to be. This is a challenge day to day as I find with my family members and friends who know me so well also know my many faults and failures. Thankfully I am able to tell them about our God who daily offers us forgiveness through the cross and gives us His Spirit to teach and guide us.

For me, I have realised that I need to fix my eyes on Jesus each day to effectively be one of His ambassadors. If I actively make that decision each morning: that today I’m going to allow Christ to lead me and guide me through the day – then it becomes not about me ‘trying hard’ to be a ambassador for Christ but about Christ living in me and Him using me to point people to Him, for His praise and glory.

Beccy has been a Christian for 25 years and runs a church café in north London. She is a member of the congregation at Christ Church Cockfosters.



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