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/ 20 March 2018


Beatrice is a part-time parliamentary researcher and a full-time Law student. She attends St Michael’s Church, Chester Square and lives in Victoria. In her spare time she sings in the Parliament Choir and the worship band at church. She is a keen sewer, knitter, and cook, and enjoys the theatre and TV period dramas!

For Beatrice, being an ambassador means living in the world but not being ‘of’ it, it means being alongside people in everyday life without compromising how she lives. “I love engaging with people, understanding their thoughts and perspectives, whilst trying to challenge them with truth. I enjoy challenging debates about the big questions of politics, society and God, but try also to simply be a good and faithful friend in a world of non-commitment.” Beatrice’s main opportunity to share her faith comes through friendship and the relationships she has with those around her.

As a researcher and a Christian, she notes the challenge of putting God’s kingdom above political gain and not being persuaded by the glamour of political power. As a law student, she finds the challenge is maintaining a good perspective on worldly success in comparison to eternity – “we must remember we are working for justice, and not just to ‘get ahead.’”

In terms of her daily life as an ambassador, Beatrice says: “I try to live in such a way that puts God and others before myself, but this is easier said than done. I want to live my life in the light of knowing that Christ is more valuable than anything the world has to offer.”

Her top tips on surviving a busy week are keeping her diary nearby, and keeping a morning routine. She finds it important to read the Bible and pray daily, and to take at least one day a week to properly rest.

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