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/ 25 November 2011

Award-winning windows and steeple

The King of Prussia’s Gold Medal Award, presented by the Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association to the architect ‘responsible for church repairs that have successfully overcome aesthetic or technical challenges’ has this year been won by Alan Frost of Donald Insall Associates for work at St Mary-le-Strand Church in London.

The aesthetic challenge was to renew dilapidated Victorian windows in this splendidly baroque church, achieved by reverting to Georgian style leaded lights to which was added internal secondary glazing. This had the triple advantage of brightening the previous dingy atmosphere by letting in a flood of light whilst improving the sound and heat insulation of the windows.

The technical challenge, arising whilst the window repairs were under way, was to renew the lower part of one of the columns supporting the steeple following a fall of stone on the church roof.

Masonry contractors Lodge & Sons, together with Gospel Stained Glass, carried out the work on time and within budget.


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