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Sheenagh Burrell is the ALMA Co-ordinator.

Sheenagh Burrell / 17 November 2021

Diocese of London Lent Appeal 2020: Thank you

The 2020 Lent Appeal raised £52,000, enabling our partner dioceses in Africa to purchase four second-hand trucks.

Sheenagh Burrell / 24 September 2021

Diocesan Partners in Africa become a new province of the Anglican Communion : IAMA

Our Diocesan Partners in Mozambique and Angola became an autonomous Province of the Anglican Communion, at service led by Archbishop Justin

The Bishop of Edmonton with Bishop Manuel Ernesto, in 2018
Sheenagh Burrell / 17 March 2021

ALMA update on the Mozambique insurgency in the Province of Cabo Delgado: #Pray4Cabo    

The Revd Sheenagh Burrell, ALMA Co-ordinator discusses the horrific reports from Mozambique about the insurgency in the northern province, and how ALMA is helping.

Sheenagh Burrell / 11 December 2020


An update about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Cabo Delgado.

Mozambique Cyclone picture
Sheenagh Burrell / 10 April 2019

Cyclone Idai – An update

Join us in the cycle of prayer to pray for Mozambique and the areas affected by Cyclone Idai.

Tutu Desks in Africa
Sheenagh Burrell / 4 January 2016

First ALMA Tutudesks arrive for Christmas

The Angola, London, Mozambique Association (ALMA) is delighted to share that 2,200 Tutudesks have been given to schools in Maputo and Nampula, giving children portable desks to aid better learning.

Sheenagh Burrell / 27 January 2015

Updated news on Mozambique floods and London Appeal for Niassa

The Diocese of London’s ALMA appeal continues, after the recent flooding in Mozambique, with details of the devastation from our partners in the field.

Sheenagh Burrell / 21 January 2015

Urgent Appeal: Floods in Mozambique

Details of the recent flooding in Mozambique and how the ALMA link is helping with the immediate relief efforts.

Sheenagh Burrell / 9 July 2013

Bishop of Angola visits for ALMA 15th anniversary

Bishop André arrives today for a two week visit to the UK, to mark the 15th anniversary of the ALMA covenant.

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