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About Sam Donoghue

Sam Donoghue is Head of Children and Youth for the Diocese of London, a keen cyclist and a supporter of Everton FC.

Young people in a coffee shop looking really happy. Probably not like real children's workers look, but we found this stock photo amusing
Sam Donoghue / 18 September 2015

How to keep this going

As the euphoria of summer ebbs away, how can we avoid getting stuck in ruts that have trapped us in previous years? Sam Donoghue explores some useful strategies for coping with things that bug you.

Summer balloons held by children
Sam Donoghue / 23 July 2015

School’s out (but just for the summer)

The children’s and youth blogs are about to take their own little summer holiday, but before they do Sam Donoghue has some final words. (Don’t worry, they’ll be back in September!)

Flowchart for making decisions
Sam Donoghue / 23 June 2015

Looking at your reflection

Do we evaluate what we’ve done in our ministry and think critically about it? Sam Donoghue shares his simple process for reflecting on our practice, to shape ministry through what we have discovered.

Godly Play characters and materials
Sam Donoghue / 15 May 2015

The brains behind Godly Play

Godly Play is a method of helping children engage with God. Sam Donoghue met with its creator, Jerome Berryman, and shares his reflections both on that meeting and on Godly Play itself.

Team of young people
Sam Donoghue / 22 April 2015

The start of something good: youth ministry blog

Sam Donoghue sets out some of the plans for the youth ministry blog and youth support: the first fruits of our efforts to build a network of youth workers in the Diocese.

Sam Donoghue
Sam Donoghue / 3 April 2015

Who inspired Sam Donoghue? Someone who just gave him time

Sam Donoghue talks about ‘Pete’, who was a major influence in his life.

Sam Donoghue / 9 January 2015

Good to great

In the follow-up to his last post, ‘OK to good’, Sam Donoghue thinks through what it takes to go from good children’s work to great children’s work. Is that possible on our own, or do we need the church’s help?

Sam Donoghue / 5 December 2014

OK to good

Sam Donoghue recently wrote a ridiculous sentence about children’s ministry. He said, ‘The problem with children’s work is that it’s easy to do an OK job, but really hard to do a good one. Therefore we tend to settle for OK, as we know that people probably won’t notice.’ What do you think?

Sam Donoghue / 7 November 2014


Sam Donoghue explores the meaning behind this long word: how do we help children get to know the culture and practices of church life? Indeed, should we, if the way we do church might need to change? Sam comes up with some questions for discussion.

Sam Donoghue / 1 July 2014

Picture perfect: visual aids in storytelling

Visual aids are a really powerful tool to use around children. If you want a child to remember something, giving a visual ‘hook’ to hang the information on really helps. But how often does the story we’re telling become an elaborate visual aid too? Jesus’ stories are full of depth and meaning, but sometimes we can strip them back so much that they are merely an illustration for the point we want to make. Is this the best way to help children connect with God?

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