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About Sam Donoghue

Sam Donoghue is Head of Children and Youth for the Diocese of London, a keen cyclist and a supporter of Everton FC.

Child's drawing of a horse
Sam Donoghue / 22 April 2016

Two things I learned this Sunday

You never stop learning on the job, no matter how much experience you have. Sam Donoghue reflects on two things he discovered when he led the children’s work in his church last Sunday.

Chinese Dragon
Sam Donoghue / 4 March 2016

True? Or truer than true?

How would we describe ‘truth’ in a biblical sense? Does the truth in the Bible depend on every single detail being provable fact, or is there something deeper we should be looking for?

Liverpool Street station interior crowd
Sam Donoghue / 29 January 2016

Fight on a train

An altercation in a queue led Sam Donoghue to reflect on how much we talk about ‘I’ and ‘me’ with regards to faith and fail to see the bigger picture. How we can have a more community approach?

Notice board with the message "Know the Rules" pinned to it.
Sam Donoghue / 4 December 2015

Rules, and how not to have them

Do rules in children’s groups turn a community into a school class? If we don’t have explicit and visible rules, how will children understand the ethos of our group? Sam Donoghue explores the issue.

Pumpkins on top of autumn leaves and berries
Sam Donoghue / 16 October 2015

Happy Halloween?!

How do we help children engage with the celebrations of Halloween? Should we help children engage with them, or give everything a wide berth? Sam Donoghue highlights a resource to help you out.

Hand raised in an act of worship
Sam Donoghue / 9 October 2015

All together now

The congregation itself – the friend-makers, inviters and ‘have-a-goers’ – is the key to a great all-age service, argues Sam Donoghue.

Young people in a coffee shop looking really happy. Probably not like real children's workers look, but we found this stock photo amusing
Sam Donoghue / 18 September 2015

How to keep this going

As the euphoria of summer ebbs away, how can we avoid getting stuck in ruts that have trapped us in previous years? Sam Donoghue explores some useful strategies for coping with things that bug you.

Summer balloons held by children
Sam Donoghue / 23 July 2015

School’s out (but just for the summer)

The children’s and youth blogs are about to take their own little summer holiday, but before they do Sam Donoghue has some final words. (Don’t worry, they’ll be back in September!)

Flowchart for making decisions
Sam Donoghue / 23 June 2015

Looking at your reflection

Do we evaluate what we’ve done in our ministry and think critically about it? Sam Donoghue shares his simple process for reflecting on our practice, to shape ministry through what we have discovered.

Godly Play characters and materials
Sam Donoghue / 15 May 2015

The brains behind Godly Play

Godly Play is a method of helping children engage with God. Sam Donoghue met with its creator, Jerome Berryman, and shares his reflections both on that meeting and on Godly Play itself.

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