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Sam Donoghue is Head of Children and Youth for the Diocese of London, a keen cyclist and a supporter of Everton FC.

Sam Donoghue / 18 January 2018

Are you are a gatekeeper or permission giver?

Sam Donoghue asks whether youth ministers tend to try to ingratiate themselves, rather than engage, with young people.

The new youth ministry course being launched with the Bishop of Kensington.
Sam Donoghue / 29 November 2017

New Youth Ministry Course Launches for Clergy

Sam Donoghue discusses the new youth ministry course that is being offered in Kensington Area, with the hope of rolling it out to other areas of the Diocese.

Noisy children are a foretaste of the new Jerusalem.
Sam Donoghue / 4 October 2017

Noisy children

Sam Donoghue witnesses noisy children in church and how it might be a foretaste of the new Jerusalem that echoes to the sounds of kids playing and having fun.

Irritated young woman standing with arms folded
Sam Donoghue / 24 April 2017

What if it goes well?

Have you ever had a ministry succeed beyond your wildest expectations, only to be met with doubt and negativity from your church leadership? You can learn from that and work together on success.

Young woman shrugging shoulders
Sam Donoghue / 17 March 2017

The joy of ‘I don’t know’

Sometimes it can feel like, as children’s and youth workers, we have to know all the answers. But saying ‘I don’t know’ could be one of the most powerful, faith-formational things you could say.

Portrait Of Two Retired Senior Female Friends Sitting On Sofa
Sam Donoghue / 17 January 2017

Nanna Val

We all have an image of what a youth worker looks like, but you’re unlikely to bring to mind someone like Nanna Val, an 82-year-old woman making a difference in young people’s lives.

Naughty child with fist raised
Sam Donoghue / 18 November 2016

First session back

The last time Sam led children’s work in his church, it was a bit of a disaster. So, when he was next due to lead, he knew he had to approach things differently. Here’s how he got on.

OMGosh text message
Sam Donoghue / 21 October 2016


Sam Donoghue had an ‘eventful’ time the last time he led the children’s work at his church. Here he reviews what went wrong and what he can do to improve things for next time.

Sam at Disneyland Paris
Sam Donoghue / 14 October 2016

Learning from Mickey

On his recent visit to Disneyland Paris, Sam Donoghue encountered a story-based, child-focused mindset that can teach us much in our children’s work. And Sully. He met Sully too.

Commentary on youth work can be great, as well as bad.
Sam Donoghue / 29 September 2016

A positive chat

‘Can I have a quick word about the children’s work?’ This question can make our hearts sink, if followed by criticism, veiled or otherwise. But Sam Donoghue had a completely different conversation!

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