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Ro Willoughby works with children, families and people of all ages at St Michael’s Highgate.

Easter Christingle
Ro Willoughby / 19 March 2018

A children’s ministry idea: Easter christingles?

A new idea: could Easter Christingles be a practical way to communicate the Easter gospel?

Ro Willoughby / 15 December 2017

The church as a toddler’s playground

In coming to a tangibly welcoming, tangibly holy place of worship a toddler might experience God’s presence in an impactful, multisensory way.

Hands of a carpenter
Ro Willoughby / 25 July 2017

Was Jesus the best carpenter in town?

What was Jesus like as a carpenter? The best? Or just an average working person, like the majority of us? And what does that mean for your children’s and youth work? Ro WIlloughby investigates.

Light bulbs bokeh effect
Ro Willoughby / 20 January 2017

Double light-bulb moment!

How often do we meet with God for ourselves while we help children to to meet with him? Ro Willoughby describes a time when God spoke powerfully as she was filling in on a Sunday morning.

Paper chain figures
Ro Willoughby / 20 November 2015

The power of repetition

Bible storytelling in a toddler group can be a challenge. When Ro WIlloughby embarked on the story of ten men healed by Jesus using ‘Ten green bottles’, she didn’t know what impact it would have!

Three children eyeing up a banquet
Ro Willoughby / 29 May 2015

Welcome to the banquet

In the first of a series on children and communion, Ro Willoughby shares an event that she runs in her church to introduce children to the symbolism and importance of communion to following Christ.

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