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Two cups of coffee
Margaret Pritchard Houston / 10 July 2015

Sacred coffee hour

As adults are chatting over coffee, children make friendships, start to feel at home in the church building and develop useful interpersonal skills. Margaret Pritchard Houston explores this further.

Eucharist cloisenee medallion
Margaret Pritchard Houston / 19 June 2015

The body of Christ, given for you

In the next post in our series on children and communion, Margaret Pritchard Houston brings the argument that communion is for all and not to be withheld from children.

Margaret Pritchard Houston / 14 February 2015

What can churches learn from children’s theatre?

Continuing the theme of learning from popular culture, Margaret Pritchard Houston ventures out to the Unicorn Theatre with her nephew and comes away with some thoughts to improve children’s ministry.

Margaret Pritchard Houston / 23 January 2015

Resurrecting the Church with Sunday School

Margaret explores the role of Sunday School in an intergenerational setting. How much should we stay together and how beneficial are separate, age-specific groups? Add your thoughts to the debate.

Margaret Pritchard Houston / 22 October 2014

Show and tell

In many churches, there’s a ‘show and tell’ time, where children display their work or talk about the story they heard. There are benefits, but a time like this can be problematic. Is it fair to ask children to make an instant response to what they have discovered about God in front of a room full of adults? Margaret Pritchard-Houston investigates the pros and cons.

Margaret Pritchard Houston / 19 July 2014

The BIG questions

No matter how experienced we might be, as parents, children’s workers or clergy, we can all get a bit thrown when a child asks the big questions about life, death, God, heaven and so on. It can be tempting to rush in with a long and complicated answer, but we might need to step back and give children a space to explore the questions themselves.

Margaret Pritchard Houston / 1 March 2013

Worshiping with small children & other adventures

Screaming toddlers, the dreaded stink-eye, and other hazards of worshiping with children. What to do?

Margaret Pritchard Houston / 25 January 2013

Beyond “Hatched, Matched, and Dispatched”: celebrating rites of passage in children’s lives

Celebrating rites of passage in children’s lives.

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