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About Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall was the diocesan Communications Assistant, before going on to become a Franciscan Friar with the Society of St Francis. Matthew seeks to protect the environment. He adores hiking and being outdoor in the country or by the sea in nearly all weather. He dreams of hiking to Rome and Jerusalem.

Clothes laid out on a table.
Matthew Hall / 19 July 2017

A lifetime of ethical fashion?

Karen Fong, asks if there is ethical fashion and how she is influenced by buying cheap clothes made in the poorer corners of the world.

Bishop Carlos and the Lebombo Pilgrims with Bishop Rob at St Paul's Cathedral
Matthew Hall / 12 July 2017

Pilgrims come to the bright lights of London

Pilgrims from Lebombo in Mozambique come to visit London for nine days, meeting contacts and partners across the Diocese.

Cellist Hannah Monkhouse and Soprano April Frederick
Matthew Hall / 29 June 2017

The coolest place on the hottest night of the year

The Creatives Network music evening celebrating its artists and members with a night of stunning entertainment.

Rounders in action
Matthew Hall / 18 May 2017

Tournament raises pulse rates and funds for Christian Aid

Four churches in north London join together for a rounders tournament in that raised both the heart-rates of its participants and essential funds for Christian Aid.

Company of Servers London Chapter meeting with Southwark Servers
Matthew Hall / 7 April 2017

Joint meeting of London and Southwark Company of Servers

A joint historical meeting of the London and Southwark Company of Servers is held for Companions to learn and network together in the union of Christ.

Rugby players stand together
Matthew Hall / 27 February 2017

A thug’s game played by Christians

Matthew Hall writes about Six Nations Rugby as two professional players from the home teams are open about their faith.

Watching sports on TV is one of many ways to get people involved in a sports and physical activity ministry.
Matthew Hall / 16 February 2017

Resourcing a physical activity or sports ministry

Matthew Hall highlights some of the many ways in which your church can find resources and ideas for a Sports and Physical Activity Ministry.

Steve Lee teaching young people the discipline of sport
Matthew Hall / 30 January 2017

St Simon’s Packs a Punch

A short film is launched about a boxing club at St Simon’s Church in Shepherd’s Bush.

The Memory Cafe at St Cuthbert's Wembley
Matthew Hall / 6 December 2016

The Memory Café

A new film by the diocese of London shows how St Cuthbert’s north Wembley is helping the needs of this parish with a Memory Cafe.

The Parish Pump
Matthew Hall / 28 November 2016

News from the Parish Pump

The Parish Pump team creates great news, short items, and engaging content for parish magazines.

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