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Lawrence / 24 January 2019

Share Your Story

Sharing stories and testimonies of God’s work in our every day lives is a fantastic way to inspire others to live and speak … Read more

Lawrence / 23 January 2019


My first experience of the work of Street Pastors was a few years ago when Frank invited me to go on a patrol … Read more

Lawrence / 17 January 2019

Resources for Families

How do we nurture our children in faith for everyday life? The recommended discipleship resources below are tailored to help parents grow in … Read more

Children’s and families’ ministry in the Church
Lawrence / 17 January 2019

Family Services

Children are often natural Ambassadors for Christ but we can help them and the whole church family to do this in a more … Read more

Lawrence / 18 December 2018


I love the fact that my work involves talking to people day to day about Jesus and all that He has done for … Read more

Lawrence / 18 December 2018

Policing for Christ

I moved into policing in 2009 after 26 years in the catering industry. My first six and a half years was in territorial … Read more

Lawrence / 24 October 2018


Bettina grew up in Northumberland, worked variously as an interior designer and paper shuffler and lives in West London with husband, Pip, their … Read more

Lawrence / 19 October 2018

Opera for Christ

A typical week as an opera singer is always varied but that’s why I love it. I get to travel quite a lot … Read more

Lawrence / 18 October 2018

On the Tube

The Tube. In rush hour. Not the place that many would actively choose to be! Surrounded by tired, stressed and sometimes very sweaty … Read more

Lawrence / 15 October 2018

Reality Check

For me, acting was the career I always wanted to pursue from a young age. From stagecoach to studying drama at school and … Read more

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