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Lawrence / 20 March 2018


Enid has lived in London with her husband for nearly 50 years. She is now retired from her work as a civil servant and … Read more

Lawrence / 20 March 2018


In late 2013, God at Work commissioned a number of ambassadors for Christ at St Sepulchre’s Church (The National Musicians Church). These men … Read more

Lawrence / 20 March 2018


A recent study showed that 26% of young adults aged 18-30 in the UK live at home, providing a unique challenge for those … Read more

Lawrence / 20 March 2018

Opera for Christ…

Lawrence, a Christian opera singer, discusses his gospel witness in a difficult workplace: the performing arts.

Lawrence / 20 March 2018


Bettina grew up in Northumberland, worked variously as an interior designer and paper shuffler and lives in West London with husband, Pip, their … Read more

Lawrence / 20 March 2018


Luke is a London-based session hairstylist, who has appeared in various editorials including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Luke enjoys working at fashion weeks … Read more

Lawrence / 13 February 2016

Luminary Bakery: Ambassadors for Justice

Imagine trying to apply for jobs as a lone parent, or having survived domestic or sexual violence. What about trying to make a … Read more

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