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About James Fawcett

James Fawcett is part of CONCRETE and works with the Diocese of London, helping parishes with our youth work.

Three Hot Air Balloons
James Fawcett / 17 November 2020

3 Ideas for Youth Work You Can Try Right Now 

James Fawcett brings three simple ideas anyone can try in order to engage the young people in front of you.

James Fawcett / 13 May 2020

The prophets amongst us: young people and the church’s way forward

James Fawcett shares some perspectives on how young people may have already been leading the way for the church to learn from.

James Fawcett / 23 April 2020

Engaging with nocturnal teenagers

James Fawcett explores ways of connecting with teenagers, when they keep a very different daily schedule from others in your household. 

James Fawcett / 5 April 2019

How to get better at talking with young people

In this first article of a series for 2019, James Fawcett tackles one of our readers’ questions about young people.

woman with hands on chest practising gratitude
James Fawcett / 14 November 2018

Waiting in joyful hope: practising gratitude

James Fawcett reflects on the difference gratitude can make in the way we wait on good news when working with young people.

James Fawcett / 5 July 2018

You’re a donkey.

James Fawcett explains why youth workers are often the donkey in the story of the good Samaritan. Recently, I was talking with my … Read more

Justin Bieber in concert
James Fawcett / 4 July 2017

Justin Bieber, God and being in the midst

Justin Bieber’s comment at #OneLoveManchester about God being good in the midst of darkness went around the world in seconds. James Fawcett examines how real this is for struggling young people.

All Kings Shall Fall Prostrate Cologne Cathedral
James Fawcett / 20 December 2016

O Come, All Ye Faithful

This great old carol is a favourite of many, include CONCRETE’s James Fawcett. Here, he reflects on how this carol can inform our youth work over the festive period.

The Revd Dr Steve Griffiths discusses MABS at St Andrew's Enfield
James Fawcett / 23 November 2016

MABS – more than just a youth project

The Revd Dr Steve Griffiths, of St Andrew’s Enfield, explains about the creation of the MABS youth project.

Two men in a secluded urban environemt
James Fawcett / 8 November 2016

I’m biased

James Fawcett examines the role our own bias and prejudices play in our youth work and helps us to be aware of when those prejudices might adversely affect our ministry.

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