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Carol Ward is the Parish Fundraising Manager for the Diocese of London, and has a wealth of experience across many sectors for parishes to call on. She is married to Andy. Together, they have three children, two grandchildren, and a dog called Jack.

Fundraising update for summer 2021
Carol Ward / 18 June 2021

Fundraising Update for Summer 2021

In the past, Grant and Trust fundraising has been seen by many of those seeking project funding as a bit of a ‘golden … Read more

Carol Ward / 29 July 2020

Parish Fundraising Support: July 2020

Carol Ward gives advice on how parishes can successfully raise money.

Carol Ward / 7 July 2020

Parish Fundraising: Writing your Case for Support

A solid and well-constructed Case for Support is vital for a successful fundraising project. This document will sit at the very heart of your fundraising strategy and should be shared to make sure that everyone (both internal and external stakeholders) has a clear understanding of what is to be achieved and how.

Managing your church building project
Carol Ward / 22 June 2020

Planning a Capital Project

Carol Ward from the Fundraising Team shares her thoughts on Planning a Capital Project, upcoming training and more information about grant sources.

Rebuilding the church
Carol Ward / 15 June 2020

Delivering a Capital Campaign during COVID 19

As we get to grips with the impact that Covid-19 is having on our lives, Carol Ward considers how we create a Capital Fundraising Appeal in the future.

Carol Ward / 14 May 2020

Parish Fundraising Support webinars and grant ideas

Carol Ward, from the Fundraising team, gives us another timely update on all things to help our parish finances during the lockdown.

Carol Ward / 29 April 2020

Parish Fundraising Support during lockdown

Carol Ward from the Diocesan Fundraising Team gives an update as we move into the second month of the lockdown.

Fundraising concepts for any church
Carol Ward / 7 April 2020

Fundraising in unprecedented times

We are living through strange and unprecedented times, Carol Ward gives us some hints and tips on helping your church with fundraising.

Fund my church collection buckets
Carol Ward / 3 March 2020

Parish Fundraising Support

Carol Ward from the London Diocesan Fundraising team reports on resources and events that can help any fundraising application in parishes, get a massive boost.

ALMA Cyclone Kenneth devastation in Mozambique
Carol Ward / 11 February 2020

Get your children’s and youth groups involved in the 2020 Lent Appeal

This year’s Lent Appeal is looking to help the ALMA partnership raise money for new vehicles for use in climate change emergencies. Here are some suggestions about how your children’s and youth groups can get involved!

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