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Carol Ward is the Parish Fundraising Manager for the Diocese of London, and has a wealth of experience across many sectors for parishes to call on. She is married to Andy. Together, they have three children, two grandchildren, and a dog called Jack.

Fund my church collection buckets
Carol Ward / 3 March 2020

Parish Fundraising Support

Carol Ward from the London Diocesan Fundraising team reports on resources and events that can help any fundraising application in parishes, get a massive boost.

ALMA Cyclone Kenneth devastation in Mozambique
Carol Ward / 11 February 2020

Get your children’s and youth groups involved in the 2020 Lent Appeal

This year’s Lent Appeal is looking to help the ALMA partnership raise money for new vehicles for use in climate change emergencies. Here are some suggestions about how your children’s and youth groups can get involved!

Carol Ward / 15 January 2020

Parish Fundraising Support: January 2020

New Year! New Start! With (almost) the whole of 2020 ahead, many parishes will take the opportunity to think about their mission and … Read more

A destroyed church in Mozambique after one of the Cyclones to hit this year
Carol Ward / 20 November 2019

Wheels for Climate Change Emergencies

Carol Ward discusses the 2020 Lent Appeal that will buy vehicles to help our ALMA partners respond to climate emergencies in Angola and Mozambique.

Ways to Fundraise
Carol Ward / 19 November 2019

Parish fundraising support ideas and resources

Carol Ward form the Parish Fundraising Team reports with ideas and links to great fundraising ideas this autumn.

Carol Ward / 16 October 2019

Parish Fundraising Support: October 2019

Moving on from last months fundraising update, I am always mindful that local fundraising should reflect the local area. If you are part … Read more

Carol Ward / 23 September 2019

Parish Fundraising Support: September 2019

Love it or hate it, for many parishes, raising money for necessary repairs, new or existing social action projects or day to day running costs is an essential part of church life.

Hidden in plain sight, Modern Day Slavery
Carol Ward / 29 April 2019

Modern Day Slavery – our efforts still continue

Carol Ward writes about the closure of the Lent Appeal on Modern Day Slavery and how parishes can donate their funds to the vital support charities.

Bishop Sarah meets volunteers who tackle Modern Day Slavery
Carol Ward / 6 March 2019

Modern Day Slavery – Hidden in Plain Sight

The 2019 Lent Appeal on tackling Modern Day Slavery. See this short film featuring Bishop Sarah meeting volunteers from our partner charities.

Something not right? Modern Day Slavery is everywhere.
Carol Ward / 25 February 2019

Modern Day Slavery

The 2019 Lent Appeal will be on Modern Day Slavery, and how parish churches can help tackle it.

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