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About Brian Cuthbertson

Brian is the Head of Environment and Sustainability at the Diocese of London.

Brian Cuthbertson / 25 July 2014

Modelling the New Creation

An opportunity to take stock of progress under our Climate Action Programme and to move forward. We shall review where we have come from, what has been achieved, where are the challenges; and plot the course from now to 2020.

Brian Cuthbertson / 23 April 2014

Whatever the weather: how to give a warm welcome whilst saving energy and carbon

Activity means energy – people’s energy, and the energy to open our buildings, heat and light them, and offer a warm welcome to visitors. How then can we still save energy and carbon, and contribute to caring for the environment which is God’s creation?

Brian Cuthbertson / 12 March 2014

Parish Buying ‘energy basket’ gets revamp to improve customer service

Parish Buying now offers an ‘energy basket’, purchasing energy wholesale, directly within the market, cutting out the utility company as middleman.

Brian Cuthbertson / 4 December 2013

London Churchyards Ecology Survey grows and flourishes

Our Churchyards Ecology Survey has made a great start. Our ecologists have analysed 900 London churchyards. Just 15 churchyards visited so far are havens for dozens of species of trees and lichens; slow worms, newts, birds and bats; and much more. 

Brian Cuthbertson / 18 March 2013

No paper, respect words!

Churches want to recycle as much of their waste as possible. But local authorities don’t always make this easy.

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