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About Graham Tomlin

The Rt Revd Graham Tomlin is Bishop of Kensington. He is the author of many books, most recently, The Widening Circle: Priesthood as God’s Way of Blessing the World (2015). Bishop Graham is also President of St Mellitus College.

The Bishop of Kensington / 17 July 2020

Why should the church be interested in cultural diversity?

A message from Bishop Graham Tomlin, looking at a passage from Acts 9. 

The Bishop of Kensington / 16 June 2020

Grenfell 3rd Anniversary Reflection

The reflection from the Bishop of Kensington, at the virtual service of commemoration.

The Bishop of Kensington / 27 March 2020

Encouragement from the Bishop of Kensington

In this challenging time of social distancing, Bishop Graham Tomlin offers some encouragement and reflections.

The Bishop of Kensington / 14 December 2017

The Grenfell Tower Memorial Service – A Reflection

The Bishop of Kensington’s address to The Grenfell National Memorial Service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Bishop Graham serving food at homeless shelter
The Bishop of Kensington / 21 April 2017

Home from Home

Bishop Graham reflects on time spent with ‘homeless’ people, who come from all backgrounds but have experienced some life-changing crisis.

Group at The London Jesus Centre Fitzrovia
The Bishop of Kensington / 21 April 2017

Seeking Refuge

As part of his Holy Week, Bishop Graham spent time with a young asylum seeker from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and his friends. He asks what the Christian response to refugees could be.

Bishop Graham at HMP Pentonville
The Bishop of Kensington / 21 April 2017

Redeeming Prisons

Bishop Graham visited Pentonville Prison during Holy Week to hear about the challenges facing prisoners and prison staff. He relates this experience to the ordeal faced by Jesus before his death.

Bishop Graham Tomlin's Holy Week 2017 visits
The Bishop of Kensington / 11 April 2017

Bishop of Kensington ‘takes up his cross’ for Holy Week

This Holy Week, Bishop Graham is spending time with people who are an “unwanted presence in a strange city”, as he talks to prisoners, asylum seekers, homeless people and very ill children.

Bishop Graham and Gary on top of the scaffold tower
The Bishop of Kensington / 7 April 2017

Offering opportunity, seizing the second chance

For our Frontline Fridays series, the Bishop of Kensington went to talk to the owner of a scaffolding company about what his Christian faith means to him and his coworkers in normal everyday life.

The Future of Theology at Yale Divinity School
The Bishop of Kensington / 15 June 2016

The Future of Theology

What is the future of theology? The Bishop of Kensington, the Rt Revd Graham Tomlin, went to Yale Divinity School to discuss what theology has to offer today’s secular world.

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