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Alex Taylor has worked with the children and youth team to provide training and support churches. He is an experienced children's and youth worker and writer.

Alex Taylor / 12 December 2014

Back to school?

In the endless tornado of children’s work, the idea of spending time being trained can seem like a luxury that we just can’t afford. However, whether we’re a volunteer or we get paid, taking the chance to learn some more about working with children can transform the way we see our roles and our practice.

Alex Taylor / 24 November 2014

Celebrating something special

Age and birthdays are really important to children. Anyone who has got a child’s wrong, or not include the ‘half’ or ‘three quarters’, will have realised that. How can we as children’s groups and whole church communities celebrate these important events in children’s lives? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Alex Taylor / 3 October 2014

All drama, no crisis

Using acting and various dramatic techniques with your children can be beneficial in many ways, from helping children gain confidence to allowing them to enter into Bible stories in ways that can change their lives.

Alex Taylor / 26 September 2014

Christian karaoke?

Do you love singing and dancing or would you rather eat a plate of locusts than take to the dance floor? Whatever your views, there are going to be children in your groups who love to sing and dance – how can we help children meet with God through these art forms without alienating those who hate performing?

Alex Taylor / 8 August 2014

You’re amazing

Being a children’s worker is often not a job that brings a great deal of reward, praise or recognition. Alex Taylor thinks it’s time to champion the good and the great… the God-inspired in our work.

Alex Taylor / 11 July 2014

The holiday club after-life

What happens after holiday clubs have finished? When all the scenery has been packed away, all the shaving foam wiped up and all the biscuits eaten, what then? It might make us feel a bit over-whelmed to think about what comes next, but don’t we owe it to the children and families who may have met Jesus for the very first time, to help them continue on their journey with him?

Alex Taylor / 6 June 2014

Moshi Monsters, MI High and multi-player madness

Think back to when you were a child. What things did you like then? Whatever you were into, it’s likely that children today will like similar things, yet, the world children live in is different now from the 70s, 80s, 90s or whenever you were a child. How much do you know about the cultural landscape they’re growing up in?

Alex Taylor / 9 May 2014

All Kinds of Everything

When I think of my group at church, I automatically assess them on how well they behave. I dread the sessions when the children who never listen turn up, because I know what I’ve planned to do will either get derailed or take twice as long to get through.

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