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Alex Taylor is part of the children's and youth team at the Diocese of London. He is an experienced children's and youth worker and writer.

College-age students stacking hands
Alex Taylor / 14 July 2016

Ice breaker games

Love them or hate them, ice breaker games to get young people interacting have a role to play in youth work. And as there is nothing new under the sun, here are five classic games to get you thinking.

Group of school children singing together in a choir
Alex Taylor / 10 June 2016

Going for a song

You might be a fan of an action song, or the thought of leaping around to high-energy music might make your blood run cold. Here are some tips for doing sung worship with children.

Tents at a festival campsite
Alex Taylor / 8 June 2016

Getting away from it all

Residentials can be life-changing events for young people. Getting away from day-to-day life and spending time in a Christian community gives young people the space to explore their faith and lives.

Children in group on white background
Alex Taylor / 13 May 2016

Children’s spirituality

In this guest blog Ruth Wills argues that our children’s work should reflect that children aren’t empty vessels for us to fill with Christian stuff, but have an innate spirituality of their own.

Bearded guy in brown hoodie and blue jeans sitting and sleeping
Alex Taylor / 10 May 2016

Is it time to give up?

What happens when you think you’ve come to the end of your ministry? How easy is it to prayerfully stand down? Alex Taylor explains why the season is here for him to step back from regular youth work.

Question marks
Alex Taylor / 3 May 2016

Six questions to ask in a Bible study

The sound of silence is all too common when trying to help young people engage with the Bible, but are we asking the right questions? Alex Taylor looks at questions that might get your group talking.

Young man with back turned to camera
Alex Taylor / 19 April 2016

Two things I learned at youth group this Sunday

You never stop learning, no matter how long you have been doing youth work. Sometimes you make the wrong choice or are pleasantly surprised at something you didn’t expect.

Colourful balls
Alex Taylor / 15 April 2016

Games in a tight spot

We’ve been in that position, where the service in still going on, but we’ve gone through all our prepared activities. Here are four suggestions of fun games you can play with little or no preparation!

Bible open for bible study
Alex Taylor / 15 March 2016

Why I want young people to read the Bible

In a long read, Alex Taylor explores the importance of reading the Bible in faith development and how that has an impact on our youth work.

Mosaic of people looking happy and sad
Alex Taylor / 1 March 2016

Creating a positive culture

How often do we tell others what a good job they’re doing? Working in a negative culture can be draining and demoralising, so let’s turn things on their head and look for the positive.

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