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Alex Taylor has worked with the children and youth team to provide training and support churches. He is an experienced children's and youth worker and writer.

Alex Taylor's childhood photo
Alex Taylor / 15 November 2016

What would you tell your younger self?

What do your school photos say about you? What would you say to that younger self in those photos? Alex Taylor digs out his photos and wonders what to say to himself.

Young mother and child with Down Syndrome
Alex Taylor / 11 November 2016

Welcoming children with additional needs

The good news of Jesus is for everyone, so how can we be ready to welcome all children to our groups? Alex Taylor outlines some good strategies to use as a starting point.

Older man taking a selfie with a smartphone
Alex Taylor / 1 November 2016

Too old for youth work

Can you be too old for youth work? Conventional wisdom might say so, but there are so many different roles people of all ages can play in youth work, from cool role model to comforting grandparent.

A Christmas tree at Tower Bridge
Alex Taylor / 28 October 2016

Christmas is coming

With limited budgets it can be hard to strike the balance between wanting to make a splash at Christmas and having enough money left for the rest of the year.

Annoyed bald man
Alex Taylor / 12 October 2016

Working with parents

What is our relationship like with the parents and carers of the young people in our groups? Do we work in partnership or is it fractious and sometimes bad-tempered? Or somewhere in between.

Listen to children when things don’t go their way
Alex Taylor / 30 September 2016

Just listen

When a child in our group is sad or disappointed, it can be easy to try to use words to make them feel better, but is that the best approach? Alex Taylor explores some other options.

Story telling from the bible can be enriching for everyone.
Alex Taylor / 27 September 2016

Five tips on telling a Bible story

Telling a Bible story seems to have gone out of fashion in youth groups. Alex Taylor explains why he thinks we should bring them back, and give some tips on telling a story.

Different people
Alex Taylor / 13 September 2016

The generation gap

Is our society seeing increasing gaps between generations? If so, what can we as churches do about it? Alex Taylor has some suggestions.

College-age students stacking hands
Alex Taylor / 14 July 2016

Ice breaker games

Love them or hate them, ice breaker games to get young people interacting have a role to play in youth work. And as there is nothing new under the sun, here are five classic games to get you thinking.

Group of school children singing together in a choir
Alex Taylor / 10 June 2016

Going for a song

You might be a fan of an action song, or the thought of leaping around to high-energy music might make your blood run cold. Here are some tips for doing sung worship with children.

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