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Alex Taylor has worked with the children and youth team to provide training and support churches. He is an experienced children's and youth worker and writer.

Lots of cakes
Alex Taylor / 8 August 2017

Summer baking with children and young people

Baking with children and young people can be a messy business, but is immensely enjoyable, and a great thing to do over the summer. And you end up with something deliciously to eat at the end of it.

Craft items in a box
Alex Taylor / 1 August 2017

Craft or construction

In the first of our ‘Making the most of the summer’ series, Alex Taylor explores a few craft and construction ideas that you might like to try with children and young people.

Materials ready for a residential
Alex Taylor / 18 July 2017

Getting ready for a residential

Alex Taylor’s top tips for preparing for the season of festivals, residentials and Christian holidays, to help you stay on top of the weeks in the lead-up and make things so much easier.

Children playing in the park at sunset
Alex Taylor / 9 June 2017

A working holiday

The August break is a key time when we could be building relationships, helping out families and telling lots of people about Jesus! Alex Taylor explores some of the options.

Thy Kingdom Come kit
Alex Taylor / 31 March 2017

Thy Kingdom Come resources for you, your family and your church

Alex Taylor reviews the resources available to help you, your family and your church join in with Thy Kingdom Come, the global wave of prayer and worship coming up in May.

Father and son playing computer game together to help with sideways listening
Alex Taylor / 10 February 2017

The power of sideways listening

Without the pressure of looking someone in the eye, it’s easier for children and young people to drop important things into a conversation. That’s the beauty of sideways listening.

Group of colleagues working in team
Alex Taylor / 13 January 2017

2017 and all that

What are your hopes and dreams for 2017? The start of a calendar year is a good time to take stock of your youth or children’s work and reflect on where God is leading you.

Great sport with St Luke's Chelsea and Epic CIC.
Alex Taylor / 15 December 2016

Epic Sports at St Luke’s Chelsea

Epic ideas to run a sports filled holiday club, after the very successful children’s programme run by St Luke’s Chelsea.

Christmas tree in church with origami figures
Alex Taylor / 13 December 2016

It’s Christmas, not rocket science

If you’re still trying to plan some youth Christmas events, then here are some simple ideas that could make last-minute planning simple and stress-free.

Advent calendar
Alex Taylor / 25 November 2016

An activity Advent calendar

You might already have you Advent calendars, but why not trying this activity Advent calendar? Fill your Advent with baking, making, sharing and the wonderful Christmas story!

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