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Alex Taylor is part of the children's and youth team at the Diocese of London. He is an experienced children's and youth worker and writer.

Alex Taylor / 29 May 2020

A little bit of learning

Whether you have a degree in children’s ministry or never had any training at all, this time of enforced slowdown might be the perfect opportunity to brush up on your skills.

Alex Taylor / 13 May 2020

Praying with children and young people

Alex Taylors shares some ideas for praying with children and young people that anyone can try.

Alex Taylor / 13 May 2020

Theology, COVID-19 and children

Alex Taylor from the Children and Youth Ministry Support team reflects on the content of a popular podcast episode talking about church during the COVID-19 crisis.

Alex Taylor / 7 April 2020

Taking stock

Alex Taylor shares how we can make use of this time to create a bit of space for reflection.

Alex Taylor / 17 March 2020

Working from home for the novice

New to working from home? Alex Taylor from the Children and Youth Ministry Support team offers us his tips from 7 years experience of working from home.

From dust you come
Alex Taylor / 19 February 2020

Lent through a child’s eyes

How do children interact with Lent? And how can we help them explore this season of preparation and reflection in a way that draws them closer to God? Our children’s team have some suggestions.

Alex Taylor / 5 December 2019

Christmas: stop and think!

In the past, I have been scornful and actually quite ranty about Christmas. I’ve railed against terrible Christmas songs and the way we … Read more

Alex Taylor / 8 October 2019

Holiday club how to

This summer, Katie O’Conor visited some different holiday clubs across the Diocese, seeing the diverse range of ministries taking place. So, if you’ve … Read more

Alex Taylor / 15 April 2019

Oh gosh, it’s Good Friday again

Jonathan Brooks shares some ideas and thoughts that can be helpful in broaching a conversation about Good Friday with children.

Prayer post it notes in schools
Alex Taylor / 10 April 2019

Running a prayer space

Running a Prayer Space in your local school can bring great benefits to the students and staff. Catherine Clayton explores how you can go about it.

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