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/ 22 September 2015

Association for Church Editors – Helping you to improve your magazine

Membership of the Association for Church Editors is inexpensive and offers a great source of information and support for church magazine editors.  In summary, the Association sets out to provide inspiration, motivation and practical help for editors of church magazines and newsletters, many of whom work on their own and are always working to tight deadlines.

  1. The principal benefits which go towards achieving this aim are:
  2. Annual membership fee of only £10, renewable on 1st January. The fee also covers the following year for anyone joining after 1st September.
  3. Sharing of ideas by means of a monthly distribution by email of an Ideas Forum with items suitable for church magazines, including articles, humour, fillers, tips, straplines and events.
  4. Periodic emails sent to members on matters of general interest.
  5. Where there is enough interest in a local area, there are workshops covering all aspects of magazine production, including the use of computer software packages.
  6. A magazine review service for members who wish to submit their magazine for constructive comment.
  7. Access to restricted part of the ACE website.
  8. Local group meetings where editors meet periodically to compare their magazines and pick up ideas.
  9. Direct personal access by telephone or email to ACE staff with queries and problems.
  10. An Annual Meeting held every spring, with a keynote speaker, Magazine Awards and a winner’s trophy and Certificates of Excellence/Achievement.

Further information on the Association or on membership can be found online or by emailing the Membership Officer.

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