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/ 10 February 2016

Arrangements for the Maundy Thursday Eucharist 2016

Looking out from St Paul's Cathedral after 2014 Chrism Mass

The earth is currently menaced not only by climate change but by many painful fractures in the human community. We all need to seek and pray for a greater and richer unity as we face the challenges besetting our planet.

Christians are certainly not exempt from these fractures and challenges. Speaking at a service in Westminster Abbey last year in the presence of the Queen, Fr Raniero Cantalamessa, the Preacher to the Pope, observed that those who are persecuting Christians throughout the world and burning their churches do not discriminate between Catholics, Protestants or Pentecostals. “For our persecutors we are all Christians and it is time that we looked at things in the same way.”

During Lent we will be remembering and praying for our essential unity in Jesus Christ, who himself prayed in the Garden “that they may all be one”. Prayer is also an essential act of solidarity with those who suffer in our world and it must be matched by actions. As part of our Lent almsgiving I hope that many of our parishes will be able to support our Lent charities who are already active among the beleaguered Christian communities in Iraq and Syria.

The Maundy Thursday Eucharist in the Cathedral is one of the few occasions in the year when we can demonstrate that prayerful unity, standing at the foot of the cross in need of grace, reminding ourselves of our high calling to serve Christ in his fractured world. It has been moving over the years to see a growing number of clergy, lay ministers and readers, together with many of the faithful, witnessing publicly that the Church in London is growing and continuing to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. All are welcome and my fellow bishops and I hope you will join us if you are able.

Practical Arrangements for Clergy and Licensed Ministers

Time: all robing in the Chapel of St Faith in the Crypt preferably by 10am but by 10.15am at the latest please. Enter by northwest crypt door – congregation only through West doors.

Robing: cassock, surplice, and if it is your tradition, white stole for clergy, scarf for Readers and Lay Ministers.

Oil Distribution: collect vials from the Crypt after the Eucharist – please wash and return empty containers from last year and leave them in the receptacles in the Crypt.

Deputies: a parish or chaplaincy representative may collect oils on behalf of the priest. Oils are available from the Virgers throughout the year should you require further supplies.

Special Needs: please contact Susan Charles in the Cathedral, 020 7246 8354 scharles@nullstpaulscathedral.org.uk.

Coffee will be served in the Nelson Chamber after divesting.

About Richard Chartres

The Rt Revd Richard Chartres KCVO was the 132nd Bishop of London from November 1995 until March 2017.

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