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/ 10 February 2015

Appointment of Paul Williams to the See of Southwell and Nottingham

Bishop of Kensington and his wife on announcement of new appointment

The appointment of Paul Williams to the See of Southwell and Nottingham is being announced from 10 Downing Street this morning and I wanted you to know as soon as possible. I also want to put on record my own huge appreciation for Paul’s ministry in the Kensington Area and the wider Diocese.

He was appointed at the end of 2008 after a ten year stint in Gerrard’s Cross where he grew the church numerically and spiritually. In just five years he has made a major contribution to the health and vitality of the Church in London. He has been responsible through the development of the Riverside Leadership programme for refreshing the in-service training of the clergy and shared in the development of Capital Vision 2020.

His practice as a bishop has reflected his own teaching. He has been a bishop for the whole church and not just a part of it. He will be very much missed and there will be an opportunity to give thanks for his ministry in May before he moves north.

Paul has exemplified the ethos which is developing in so much of the Church in London – Aim high; Be generous; Make new friends; Keep humble. It is now time for us to be generous and to cheer him on his way to his new work in Southwell and Nottingham. His appointment is good news for his new Diocese and I have no doubt that his move will strengthen the links between London and Nottingham.

Our congratulations and best wishes this morning go to Paul, Sarah, Edward, Thomas and Joseph.

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