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/ 28 March 2018



Christ Church Southgate recently commissioned a group of Ambassadors from their congregation, this is one of their stories:

Anthony has been a part of Christ Church Southgate for seven years and finds it a friendly, generous and inclusive place to worship. He enjoys studying theology, Christian meditation and also composing music.

“Christian study and creativity are really important. Recently, I have enjoyed being a member of a study group and three years ago, I studied Christian theology at St. Albans Abbey. I also compose Christian music, including choral pieces.

In 1994, I learned Christian meditation, in the tradition of the Desert Fathers, under Benedictine monk, Fr. Laurence Freeman; using an Aramaic phrase, ‘maranatha’, meaning ‘Come, Lord’, which is mentioned by St. Paul.

As a Christian meditator, I appreciate the developmental benefits of stretching one’s openness in Christ, not only outwardly to others, in Christian friendship and active generosity, but also inwardly, directly to God, through prayer and contemplative stillness; to love God with our all and to love our neighbour as our self.”

Anthony’s love of meditation and contemplation has helped him realise the importance of sharing Christ with others. Spending time dwelling in God’s presence, gives a new hope and desire to tell others that they have the opportunity to do the same.

“I know that I need a vision of ultimate hope, not one of meaningless futility; indeed, don’t we all need our lives to be essentially coherent and valuable, whether or not we acknowledge that honestly? I believe I have faith, but really, faith has me, for it is not mine to possess privately; rather it is a personal response to common human suffering, given life by Jesus’ compassionate and unwavering commitment to our deepest human need. Thus, to share in that faith is to participate in Christ’s healing of the world, and so, gladly help those who would listen. Therefore, I find, I am called as an Ambassador of Christ.”


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About Lawrence Olsworth-Peter

Lawrence is the Creative Lead for Ambassadors, which is a Capital Vision 2020 project aimed to equip people more effectively to live and speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

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