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/ 20 March 2018


Anita is a Secondary School teacher in Greenford, and a member of St George’s Church Southall. She was raised with a Hindu upbringing, but became a Christian whilst at University aged 24. Alongside teaching, she is both a musician and a keen installation artist. She plays drums at church and in the staff band at school, and enjoys attending rock concerts in her spare time.

For Anita, being an ambassador is about taking risks. She is incredibly passionate about praying for people – those who know Jesus but also those who don’t, and has seen much fruit from taking risks and stepping out in faith to pray. “More often than not people say yes (to prayer), maybe 2% of people will say no, but 98% of the time they say yes.” But she doesn’t only share her faith through stepping out and asking people overtly: “Sharing food is powerful. I take people for cups of tea and a slice of cake, it’s my way of loving people.” For Anita, the little things matter – asking someone how they are actually doing, or when they are sick, asking whether they’re feeling better – these too are a way for people to see God at work in her life.

Working in a Christian school, Anita shared that it is totally acceptable to speak openly about her faith, but although the school has a Christian ethos, there are many staff and students who wouldn’t call themselves Christians. This makes for a world of opportunities for Anita to speak openly about her relationship with Jesus. She shared a story of a colleague who had recently become a Godmother: “I asked her: ‘What does it mean then to be a Godmother?’ And she told me it was about being there for the child and helping out where you can. So I told her: ‘You do realise that you’ve got to pray for your Godchild!’ It’s about challenging people on their attitude and understanding.”

When asked about the challenges of being a Christian in the workplace, Anita mentioned the reality of talking about her faith: “It doesn’t always feel amazing to do, but it’s the right thing.” Before working in her current school, Anita had 14 years’ worth of experience working in secular schools and trying to share her faith. She adds: “I want to encourage people to just keep on taking the risks. It’s been over 14 years for me, and only 2 people have ever tried to stop me from sharing. That’s not bad is it?”

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