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/ 1 August 2017

Allchurches Trust grant to support Capital Vision 2020 new worshipping communities

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Allchurches Trust is providing a grant to help the Diocese of London to create or renew 100 new worshipping communities by 2020 as part of Capital Vision 2020. It is also helping similar projects around the country.

The project is led by The Bishop of Islington, Bishop Ric Thorpe, who was consecrated in September 2015 to support this London diocesan goal. Bishop Ric’s team, based at the Centre for Church Planting and Growth at St Edmund the King in London, runs training courses and provides resources to help existing churches to inspire new church communities in areas where there is opportunity and need.

Since the launch of Capital Vision in 2013, the commitment for 100 new worshipping communities remains on target, with 40 new worshipping communities have already been created or renewed in London, having doubled in the past year from 20 in June 2016. The Allchurches Trust grant will ensure that the goal of 100 news worshipping communities is reached by 2020.

Speaking about the grant, Bishop Ric said:

“Allchurches Trust generously support thousands of historic churches around the country. But they are also enthusiastic about helping new communities to come together, particularly in areas of great need and in places where new housing is providing homes but provision also needs to be made for hearts and souls. With Allchurches Trust’s financial support, we’ll be better able to fulfil that need and meet our goal of inspiring a 100 new worshipping communities by 2020.”

Jeremy Noles, Grants Officer for Allchurches Trust, said:

“We’re delighted to fund this project which has social transformation and community benefit at its heart. Our goal is also to make a positive difference to people’s lives and we can see that these new communities and revitalised churches are doing just that, bringing people together in creative and powerful ways.”

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