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/ 2 November 2012

2012 Olympics and Paralympics

The Olympic Games were a once-in-a-lifetime event for many Londoners, attracting millions of visitors, worldwide coverage, and a sense of community and optimism that rarely breaks through in times of austerity. They provided an opportunity for churches to engage in mission, in whichever ways they wished to.

What was done

Churches and schools in the Diocese of London engaged with the opportunities for mission during the Games in a variety of ways; by welcoming visitors; getting involved in community outreach or by working for social justice. Many held special services and said prayers written for the Olympics.


The Diocese of London worked closely with other dioceses, and with other denominations through More than Gold, the ecumenical body set up to help churches engage with the Games. We collaborated with those of other faiths, through the London Boroughs Faiths Network, to work for peace, through the Olympic Truce. Through the Faith Reference group, we worked with LOCOG and TfL to contribute to the life of the Capital in these memorable few weeks.

Key Achievements

  • 145 parishes running 296 events – a 30% level of engagement
  • 8,400 hours of building opening over two weeks, offering hospitality to visitors
  • Partnerships with eight other Christian denominations and 23 agencies, and with secular organizations and other faith groups
  • Generating opportunities for legacy and further growth


The report ‘Engaging with the mission opportunities of the 2012 Games’, by Elizabeth Harrison, Olympic Mobilser for the Diocese of London, seeks to give an overview of what was done, and the resulting legacy for our churches and our diocese:

  • Parish stories and statistics
  • Next steps for your church
  • The legacy for London churches


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