General Synod Clerical By-Election 2018: Results

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The summary position is as follows. The detailed results sheets, stage-by-stage accounts of the elections and the source data can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

House of clergy

SurnameChristian name(s)
BOARDMANThe Revd Canon Philippa Jane
DOHERTYThe Revd Dr Sean William
EMERTONThe Revd Dr Andrew Neil
FORESHEW-CAINThe Revd Andrew David
MILLERThe Ven Luke Jonathan
MORRISThe Revd Jane Elizabeth
MOSESThe Revd Preb Alan
OLIVIERThe Revd Bertrand Maurice Daniel
ROACHThe Revd Dr Jason O’Neale
SKRINEThe Revd Charles Walter Douglas
SMITHThe Revd Christopher Matthew

House of laity

SurnameChristian name(s)
BARRONMrs Enid Monica
BREENMiss Susan Colette
BRYDONMr Andrew Edward
BUGGSMiss Deborah Ruth
FINCHMrs Sarah Rosemary Ann
MUNROMs Josile Wenus Alexandia
NEWCOMBEDr Lindsay Kathleen
SCOWENMr Clive Richard
WARNERDr Megan Elizabeth
WELLINGS-THOMASMr Richard Peter John


Clergy results  Download  
Clergy results narrative  Download  
Clergy data (csv)  Download  
Laity results  Download  
Laity results narrative  Download  
Laity data (csv)  Download  
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