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New community festival launched in North Kensington
/ 1 September 2015

New community festival launched in North Kensington

A new community festival on the Dalgarno Estate in North Kensington has had its first successful year, as 600 local people came together to celebrate the local area through a weekend of activities.

A new vision for fundraising graphic
/ 13 August 2015

A new vision for fundraising

Sarah Webster, Major Donor Relationship Manager, discusses how parishes can help develop a comprehensive fundraising strategy for the Diocese of London.

Steve Hardwicke 'braves the shave'
/ 7 August 2015

London priest ‘Braves the Shave’ for cancer campaign

The Revd Steve Hardwicke of St Laurence Cowley has taken the plunge and shaved his head for Macmillan Cancer’s ‘Brave the Shave’ campaign.

Christ Church Spitalfields Organ Concert
/ 5 August 2015

Memorial concert for royal organ builder

The William Drake Tribute Organ Concert, held in tribute to Bill Drake, organ builder to the Queen, was given by leading organists on the newly restored organ at Christ Church Spitalfields.

HMQ and Prince Philip 1953
/ 4 August 2015

Prayers issued for Her Majesty the Queen becoming longest-serving monarch

The Church of England has issued prayers for use when Her Majesty the Queen becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history, on 9 September this year.

Pilgrimage toPilgrimage to Paris Paris
/ 4 August 2015

London to Paris pilgrimage to hand in climate change petition

Schools, churches and individuals are showing their support for a London to Paris pilgrimage aimed at encouraging world leaders to agree a fair deal at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Bishop of London at HTB Focus 2015
/ 30 July 2015

4,000 more ambassadors commissioned at Focus

The Bishop of London commissioned 4,000 people as ambassadors representing Jesus Christ in daily life as part of HTB’s Focus annual church holiday.

Bishop Mark Van Koevring thanking Sheenagh Burrell for Tutudesk project
/ 30 July 2015

ALMA ‘Tutudesk’ initiative launched at St Paul’s Cathedral

ALMA has officially launched its Tutudesk initiative, an innovative project offering an interim solution for African schoolchildren whose learning is impaired by the lack of desks in their schools.

Bishop Mark Van Koevering and Bishop Rachel Treweek
/ 30 July 2015

ALMA Sunday farewell to former ALMA Chair, Bishop Rachel Treweek

Our partnership with the Anglican Church in Angola and Mozambique was celebrated ALMA Sunday in St Paul’s, to mark the 17th anniversary and to say farewell to Bishop Rachel Treweek.

Duchess of Cornwall and Bishop of London at St Peter Eaton Square Church of England Primary School
/ 24 July 2015

Bishop and Duchess of Cornwall visit St Peter’s Primary School

The Bishop of London and Duchess of Cornwall visited St Peter’s Eaton Square Church of England Primary School to mark the school’s bicentenary and to celebrate the recent extensive refurbishment work.

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