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Watching sports on TV is one of many ways to get people involved in a sports and physical activity ministry.
/ 16 February 2017

Resourcing a physical activity or sports ministry

Matthew Hall highlights some of the many ways in which your church can find resources and ideas for a Sports and Physical Activity Ministry.

Storymobile en route
/ 16 February 2017

Mobile exhibition celebrating 500 years since the Reformation comes to London

A mobile exhibition celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation comes to London. The exhibition will be accompanied by Lutheran choirs and followed by a service at St Martin-in-the-Fields.

/ 16 February 2017

General Synod backs £2 maximum stake on fixed odds betting terminals

The General Synod has called on the Government to reduce the maximum stake on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) to £2 in a debate where members heard of the “huge suffering” caused by the machines.

Fundraising concepts for any church
/ 14 February 2017

So your church needs more money?

Carol Ward looks at the Willesden Fundraising Training and how a culture of fundraising can help your church with those unexpected maintenance costs.

Presentation to Team Saphira
/ 13 February 2017

Students help design new worship and community centre

Students from Burlington Danes Academy, a Church of England ARK school in White City, help design a new place of worship for the Old Oak Common development.

Father and son playing computer game together to help with sideways listening
/ 10 February 2017

The power of sideways listening

Without the pressure of looking someone in the eye, it’s easier for children and young people to drop important things into a conversation. That’s the beauty of sideways listening.

Bishop Adrian talks to Toby
/ 10 February 2017

God is already at work here – and has already gone ahead of us

As part of our Frontline Friday series, the Bishop of Stepney talks to Toby about what being an ambassador for Christ means to people in a creative industry.

St Matthew's Bethnal Green art on show in the nave
/ 9 February 2017

Welcoming ‘holy impulses’: the arts at St Matthew’s Bethnal Green

Eric Clark writes about east London’s newest art space at St Matthew’s Bethnal Green.

Andy Burns on the conflicts of being a parent of a future tennis pro.
/ 9 February 2017

Parental conflicts of a child athlete

Andy Burns, Executive Director of Capital Mass, has a very sporty child. Here he discusses the conflicts he has experienced while supporting his son.

Candles in St Paul's Cathedral at Candlemas Farewell Eucharist
/ 3 February 2017

Capital says goodbye to Bishop of London in farewell service

London said goodbye to the 132nd Bishop of London last night at a Candlemas service held at St Paul’s Cathedral, celebrating Bishop Richard’s thirty-three years of ministry in London.

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