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Nikkita Roberts
/ 27 April 2016

Willesden Apprentices: Meet Nikkita Robert

The Willesden Area has four apprentices who run children’s and youth work while studying, this is their story, continuing with Nikkita Robert.

The Bishop of London and the Duke of Edinburgh
/ 26 April 2016

400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death

The Bishop of London gave a sermon marking the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Matt Baker, Sports Chaplain
/ 25 April 2016

A Premier League Chaplaincy

Sports Chaplaincy UK helps sporting organisations support, train and appoint sports chaplains, like the featured Matt Baker.

Christian Vision image for landing page
/ 25 April 2016

Looking for God online

People are interested in God and are using the internet to search out information about Him. Our partnership with Christian Vision will help enquirers find out more, and connect with the local church.

Child's drawing of a horse
/ 22 April 2016

Two things I learned this Sunday

You never stop learning on the job, no matter how much experience you have. Sam Donoghue reflects on two things he discovered when he led the children’s work in his church last Sunday.

Youth Takeover at Hackney Church
/ 20 April 2016

Youth theatre takes over historic church

Hackney Children’s Theatre “Youth Takeover” lands at St John at Hackney Church, giving teenagers practical theatre skills they can use for life.

Photographing the church
/ 20 April 2016

The Parish Communications Network

The Parish Communications Network, which advises members on the right communication techniques for their church.

Samuel Benjamin Polaroid
/ 20 April 2016

Willesden Apprentices: Meet Sam Benjamin

The Willesden Area has four apprentices who run children’s and youth work while studying, this is their story, starting with Sam Benjamin.

The Revd Peterson Feital by Dave Hogan
/ 20 April 2016

The Creatives Network Team: The Creative Missioner

Information about the Creatives Network Team, meeting the Revd Peterson Feital, who is the first Missioner to the Creative Industries.

The Cape of Good Hope
/ 19 April 2016

Lead environment bishop signs UN climate change petition

The CofE’s lead bishop on the environment joined leaders of other world faiths in signing a petition to the President of the UN General Assembly calling for more and faster action on climate change.

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