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What we do: Lent Appeal 2017: Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow in Angola and Mozambique

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Our Lent Appeal for 2017 ‘Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow’ is on behalf of ALMA, our diocesan partnership with Angola and Mozambique.

“Capital Vision 2020 reminds us that although we are always caught up with the pressing needs of the present, we are poor disciples if we do not at the same time invest in the future. I am delighted that our Lent Appeal for 2017 is for ALMA, our Diocesan Partnership, and their vital work in education – ‘Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow’.”

— The Rt Revd Richard Chartres

The economic situation in both Angola and Mozambique is severe with oil prices falling and currency devaluations. When this is coupled with the long-lasting drought that both countries are experiencing and also the political insecurity in Mozambique it is hard for our partners to find funds for their larger projects. We will be joining in with the three educational priorities that they have identified as critical for the future of the church:


Angola is increasing the number of classrooms in its church schools to meet the huge need for school places there and to meet new government requirements, thereby ensuring a continuing Christian presence.


Lebombo (Southern Mozambique) is initiating a significant project to create a new accredited seminary outside Maputo to train the next generation of church leaders.


Niassa (Northern Mozambique) is building a church training hub with accommodation in Nampula for the huge Lurio region – to be used for training locally ordained priests, lay leaders, Mothers’ Union, community development fieldworkers and teams.

Sowing seeds for tomorrow

These are ‘church’ projects which would find it difficult to attract other funding. Join us as we journey together with our vibrant, optimistic partners in Christ for Lent 2017 and start ‘Sowing seeds for tomorrow’.

Lent Appeal prayer

Lord God in times of great uncertainty when the future seems bleak and fragile, inspire us to hope.
Give us the courage to plan creatively for tomorrow that we may boldly proclaim your gospel so your kingdom may come
on earth as it is in heaven.
Bless the church in Angola, London and Mozambique as together this Lent we sow seeds for tomorrow.

How to give

Cash collections, e.g. open plate collections, retiring collections, lent lunches, fundraising events, through your local church.

Online donations can be made at my.give.net/lent17.

All money received by the Lent Appeal 2017 for the benefit of ALMA will be used to support the projects in our partner dioceses in Angola and Mozambique. Any donations received after the end of the Appeal will be allocated to the ALMA general fund.

Lent Appeal resources

How to order more posters and cards

PowerPoint presentations and notes


1. Lent Appeal 2017 ALMA PowerPoint  Download  
1. ALMA PowerPoint notes  Download  
2. Lent Appeal 2017 Additional PowerPoint Angola Project  Download  
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3. Lent Appeal 2017 Additional PowerPoint Niassa Project  Download  
3. Niassa PowerPoint notes  Download  
4. Lent Appeal 2017 Additional PowerPoint Lebombo Project  Download  
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