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What we do: Lent Appeal 2016: Supporting Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

Lent Appeal 2016 /

Will you support families who are being persecuted because of their faith?

"If one member suffers,
all suffer together."
— 1 Corinthians 12:26

Message from the Bishop of London

“It is clear that sadly there is no imminent end to the systematic and harsh persecution of the Christian Church in Iraq and Syria.

“A tragedy of historic proportions is unfolding and there is a threat to the very survival of the Christian population in some of the most ancient homelands of our faith. If the relentless violence against our brothers and sisters in Christ falls out of the daily news it is only because it has become so commonplace as to be unremarkable.”

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Beyond Lent /

The charities that we are supporting this year continue to support persecuted Christians across the globe every day. For more information about how they are making a difference in the world, please visit their websites.

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Can you name these countries?

A: Iraq
B: Syria
C: Iran
D: Saudi Arabia
E: Yemen
F: Qatar
G: Egypt
H: Palestinian Territories
I: Jordan
J: Oman
K: Turkey
L: Azerbaijan
M: United Arab Emirates
N: Kuwait

Donate /

Cash collections (e.g. open plate collections, retiring collections): Please donate through your local church.

Cheques: Cheques and charity vouchers should be made payable to your local church’s account. Add “(Lent Appeal 2016)” on the end of your church’s name.

Online: If you would prefer to give online, please go to www.give.net/Lent16.

Church treasurers: please download the guidance for handling donations for this year’s appeal.

Presentation for use in churches /

Download and adapt of version of this page and the accompanying leaflet for use in your own church.