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Area personnel

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The Bishop of London’s Office

 The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard Chartres The Bishop of London Email 020 7248 6233

 Miss Janet Laws Personal Assistant Email 020 7248 6233

  Diary Assistant

  Vicar General for the London College of Bishops

The Archdeacon of London’s Office

 The Ven Luke Miller The Archdeacon of London Email 020 7932 1134

  Head of Operations

  PA to Archdeacon and Head of Operations

The Archdeacon for the Two Cities’ Office

 The Ven Rosemary Lain-Priestley The Archdeacon for the Two Cities Email 020 3837 5205

  Personal Assistant

The Bishop of Stepney’s Office

 The Rt Revd Adrian Newman The Bishop of Stepney Email 020 7932 1140

 Ms Anne Fulton Personal Assistant Email 020 7932 1140

The Archdeacon of Hackney’s Office

 The Ven Liz Adekunle The Archdeacon of Hackney Email 020 3837 5232

  Personal Assistant

The Bishop of Kensington’s Office

 The Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin The Bishop of Kensington Email 020 7932 1180

 Mrs Heidi Cormell Personal Assistant Email 020 7932 1180

  Bishop's Event Manager & Administrator

The Archdeacon of Middlesex’s Office

 The Ven Stephan Welch The Archdeacon of Middlesex Email 020 8742 8308

  Personal Assistant

The Bishop of Edmonton’s Office

 The Rt Revd Rob Wickham The Bishop of Edmonton Email 020 3837 5250

  Personal Assistant

The Archdeacon of Hampstead’s Office

 The Ven John Hawkins The Archdeacon of Hampstead Email 020 7932 1190

 Mrs Maura Roni Personal Assistant Email 020 7932 1190

The Bishop of Willesden’s Office

 The Rt Revd Pete Broadbent The Bishop of Willesden Email 020 8451 0189

 Nikki Court Personal Assistant Email 020 8451 0189

The Archdeacon of Northolt’s Office

 The Ven Duncan Green The Archdeacon of Northolt Email 020 7932 1274

  Personal Assistant

 Mr Daniel Muldoon Willesden Area Administrator Email 020 7932 1275

The Bishop of Fulham’s Office

 The Rt Revd Jonathan Baker The Bishop of Fulham Email 020 7932 1130

 Ms Angela West Personal Assistant Email 020 7932 1130

The Bishop of Islington’s Office

 The Rt Revd Ric Thorpe The Bishop of Islington Email 020 3837 5275

 Ms Andrea Bleakley Personal Assistant Email 020 3837 5275

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