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Watching sports on TV is one of many ways to get people involved in a sports and physical activity ministry.
/ 16 February 2017

Resourcing a physical activity or sports ministry

So much has been shared over the last year about reaching people with the Good News through the power of sport and there are plenty of resources out there, (with some linked ideas below), to encourage your church to engage with sports-minded people who are in every section of our communities.

This last weekend on 11 and 12 February 2017, has been one of the coldest few days of the winter this year. London has experienced freezing fog, snow flurries and sub-zero biting winds that blasted the capital. Despite this, I managed to experience one of the most active weekends of my life.

On Saturday, I did a 10-mile hike, just after the blizzards hit the South East, and then watched the thrilling Wales versus England Six Nations rugby match. After church on Sunday, I braved the biting wind that gusted off the Thames, to do my first ever mountain bike session, on the rocky tracks of the Olympic Velopark. After two hours of exhaustion, freewheeling adrenaline and using my legs as suspension, I settled down to a coffee in the Velodrome to watch live cycling and the Scotland versus France rugby clash. Exhausting or what!

Here in the capital, we are spoilt for choice in what sport we can do, and if there is nothing to take our fancy then we can always get out to walk the Surrey Hills or The Pilgrims Way (using this new guide) or take the Ridgeway. There’s plenty to do and I’ve always believed that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. This gives our churches no excuse not to get involved and reach sport-mad Londoners because I guarantee there are plenty of them out there.

Last November at a Ministry of Sport day, the Archbishop of York and others encouraged to faith communities to get out there and reach people with a ministry of sports. This inspiring list of short films, hosted by Christians in Sport, include five reasons why churches should engage with sport, with the Archbishop of York. Have a look at the Youtube Page for this and other films, which includes a selection of case studies from UK churches.

Then why not try using online resources from the para-church sports groups below, in reach the amateur sports person below in your parish.

See the following link on the Sports and Physical Activity Ministry, or email Matthew Hall for more information.

Matthew Hall works for the Diocesan Communications Team and loves hiking across the UK or trying any new adrenaline sports, like coasteering, bouldering, zipwire, and wants to try paragliding.

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