Cathedral & Royal Peculiars

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Cathedral & Royal Peculiars

Cathedral & Royal Peculiars

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's is the Diocese of London's Cathedral and embodies the spiritual life and heritage of the British people. Cathedrals serve a wide community. A Cathedral houses the seat - or in Latin, cathedra - of the bishop, making it a centre for Christian worship and teaching, and the Christian mission. Click here to visit their website.

The Royal Peculiars and Chapels Royal

Many of England's Royal Peculiars and Chapels Royal are located within the Diocese of London.

These churches and chapels have a 'peculiar jurisdiction' and are usually located on land connected with a royal castle or palace. They are independent of the Church of England's structures and owe allegiance directly to the Sovereign.

The Chapels Royal have their origin in a single establishment known as the Chapel Royal, effectively the King's Royal Free Chapel or Ecclesiastical Household, which followed the Court wherever it went. One of its locations was at the present Chapel Royal in the royal residence of St James's Palace, begun in 1531, and the main choral centre has been there since Queen Anne moved the Court to St James's from Whitehall Palace.

The Bishop of London is Dean of the Chapels Royal.

Chapels Royal

Extra Diocesan Churches